πŸ”Š IRIS-HEP Ukrainians Fellows program

People are the key to successful software. IRIS-HEP aims to promote the development of advanced research software skills by providing opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to connect with mentors within the larger High Energy Physics (HEP) and Computational/Data Science community. At the same time, we aim to promote software as a collaborative activity and encourage collaborations which engage individuals in ways that maximize their potential and their potential impact on the community.

This is the application form for the IRIS-HEP Ukrainians Fellows program - Summer Student Internship 2022 (organized through Kiev Academic University, Kyiv, Ukraine, but not limited to students from that university).

πŸ‘‰For those who are interested in the Summer Internship 2022! Please enter additional information and information about your programming skills in the Google form. This information is needed to find 2022 mentors for the Summer Internship participants who will offer projects of interest to you, and funding for scholarships.

For more information, see the following website:

In this application form, you will need to provide the following information:

  1. Full name, email address, name of your university and your current or planned major and/or area of study.

  2. A resume/CV (in pdf format) with contact information.

  3. A short essay (in the text form) describing your interest in the internship program maximum 1 page. For example, you may wish to expand on 3 or 4 topics from the following list: your background, your skills, and strengths; what software, computing or scientific topics appeal to you; previous research experience, if any; what you may want to pursue as a future career; and what benefits you would like to gain from this program.

  4. [Optional] The full name and email address of a reference. This is optional. Ideally it would be someone with whom you have interacted during studies or other your experience (e.g. a course or a previous research activity). You should contact the person in advance to confirm that they will write a letter for you and simply provide their name/email. After you submit this application form, we will contact them to request the letter.

If you have any questions, write to e-mail (please write in Subject: Summer Student Internship Program 2022). Link to the form