The main tools that we have developed:


conservation-aided transcription factor binding site finder, a tool for genome-wide detection of putative TFBS in the promoters of the eukaryotic genes
COTRASIF is a web-based tool for the genome-wide search of evolutionary conserved regulatory regions (transcription factor-binding sites, TFBS) in eukaryotic gene promoters. Predictions are made using either a position-weight matrix search method, or a hidden Markov model search method, depending on the availability of the matrix and actual sequences of the target TFBS.


Web-based tool for Integrative Gene Expression profiles Analysis
IGEA enables academic scientists and medical researchers to conduct integrative gene expression analysis. Users are able to construct cross-experiment case-control study groups, search for differentially expressed genes and reverse-engineer gene regulatory networks based on gene expression profiles. The expected result of such analyses includes, but not limited to, relevant data-based hypotheses on etiology and pathogenesis of preeclampsia.