Request form for Ukrainian researchers interested to get remote research position

The war made huge adjustments to today’s science of Ukraine. It became impossible to stay in laboratories all the time; the science funding has even been reduced.
Many Ukrainian scholars remain confined in the country, so they need different types of remote opportunities.

That is why the SisBioUa team is working on creating opportunities for Ukrainian scientists: both on-site and remote ones.

To help us and you, take the following steps that will facilitate the progress:

  1. Sign the petition to open remote positions for Ukrainian refugee scholars:
  2. If you are a researcher who is relocating or already relocated to another country, please see these resources:
  3. Fill the questionnare:
    • Note: Your personal information including name and email won’t be transferred to third parties without your consent.

We are working on mechanisms to make it happen but it is in progress as legal background for this kind of employment abroad is not developed for academic institutions. We will contact you in case we have questions or updates.

If you were invited for on-site position but cannot accept this offer because you cannot or do not wish to leave Ukraine, please tell them about this activity and feel free to include me into the loop - maybe by that time we will have some updates.

If you have any questions or ideas please contact Nika Romero or Alina Frolova